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2010-2015 Government Action Plan for Solidarity and Social Inclusion

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New momentum with an accent on mobilization

Launched in the spring of 2010, the 2010-2015 Government Action Plan for Solidarity and Social Inclusion comes with total investments of $7 billion over five years. The action plan has four thrusts aimed at:

  • Reviewing how things are done and making regional and local communities key players in the decision-making process;
  • Acknowledging the value of work and fostering the self-sufficiency of individuals;
  • Supporting the income of disadvantaged individuals;
  • Improving the living conditions of low-income individuals and families.

To achieve these goals, most of the measures of the 2004-2010 Action Plan have been maintained (e.g. Work Premium, Adapted Work Premium, Supplement to the Work Premium Supplement, Child Assistance and annual minimum wage review). To keep Québec’s social safety net intact and to reinforce it, the government will undertake action that includes:

  • Introduction of a refundable solidarity tax credit;
  • A Québec-specific increase in the federal Working Income Tax Benefit;
  • An increase in the child support payment exemption of up to $100 under last-resort financial assistance;
  • Construction of 3,000 new social housing units;
  • Construction of 340 new social housing units in Nunavik;
  • Renovation of low-cost housing units;
  • An improved suite of services for the natural caregivers of seniors with diminished autonomy.

In order to enhance our effectiveness and bring decision-making closer to the community, the 2010-2015 Action Plan provides for increased funding for local and regional action. Easing of the requirements of the Fonds québécois d’initiatives sociales so that the funding offered for territory-based action to combat poverty and social exclusion is more flexible is also planned.

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