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General information

Amounts claimed

All amounts covered by a notice of claim must be repaid. The MTESS issues a notice of claim in the following situation:

  • if you have received an amount to which you were not entitled under the Québec Parental Insurance Plan.


There is misrepresentation where an amount is granted to a person following failure to file a statement or return containing false information or following the transmission of a document in which information is omitted or contains false information so as to render the person eligible to receive a greater amount than would otherwise have been granted.


No interest is charged on debts incurred under the Québec Parental Insurance Plan.

Other charges

An administrative charge of $35 could be applied for payments without sufficient funds (automatic withdrawal or cheques).

Types of documents

Claim certificate: This legal document, referred to in the Act respecting income support, employment assistance and social solidarity, informs the debtor that his or her debt is due and must be repaid. After issuing a claim certificate, the MTESS may also recover any income tax refund payable by Revenu Québec or any solidarity tax credit owed to the debtor, in order to recover the debt.

Power of attorney (Word, 97 Ko): This document authorizes a debtor to delegate someone else to look after settling his or her debt. The Centre de recouvrement must be provided with a written power of attorney before it can discuss the settling of your debt with another person chosen by you.

Statement of account: You are sent a statement of account informing you about the status of your file every two months.

Revenue statements: The Department has until the last day of the month of February of each year to send you your revenue statements.

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