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The Centre d’étude sur la pauvreté et l’exclusion (CEPE) is an observation, research and discussion centre entrusted with providing reliable and rigourous information, notably of a statistical nature, on  poverty and social exclusion issues.

Created within the context of the Act to combat poverty and social exclusion, the CEPE acts under the aegis of the ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS) and is managed in collaboration with a steering committee composed of members working in the academic research or government sector, or working with people who are experiencing poverty or social exclusion. For further details, consult the section Introduction to the CEPE.


May 11th, 2017

New data on low income and socioeconomic inequalities

See the Statistics section where are presented some new tables now displaying available data up to 2016, on low income based on the Market Basket Measure (MBM), 2012-2016, and on socioeconomic inequalities based on Gini coefficient, 1990-2016.

April 26th, 2017

New edition of the progress report on poverty in Québec

This progress report brings together the latest available data on poverty and socioeconomic inequality in Québec. It presents the results of interregional, interprovincial and international comparisons of the latest available low income rates according to various thresholds. The report concludes with various inequality measures.

Consult the 2016 Progress Report on Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion in Québec (PDF, 2 MB)

August 30th, 2016

Addition of new data regarding low income and socioeconomic inequality

New data is now available in the “Statistics” section regarding low income (2002 to 2014) based on the Market Basket Measure (MBM) and regarding socioeconomic inequality (1990 to 2014) using the Gini coefficient.

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