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Statement of Change

You must notify us without delay of any change in your situation or your family situation.

A change could affect the amount of your benefits or your eligibility for financial assistance under a last-resort financial assistance program or the Aim for Employment Program.

Examples of changes that must be declared:

  • Arrival or departure of a spouse
  • Arrival or departure from your home of an adult other than a spouse
  • Increase or decrease in the number of dependent children
  • Dependent child who has completed his or her studies
  • Starting a job, increase or decrease in income
  • Change of address
  • A stay outside Québec
  • Purchase or sale of property (does not apply in the case of participants in the Aim for Employment Program)
  • A return to school, a change in the number of course hours

You can declare a change in any of the following ways:

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